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 Application: Sikmpo12

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PostSubject: Application: Sikmpo12   Application: Sikmpo12 EmptySat Feb 04, 2012 5:20 pm

Position applying for(Admin, Mod ect.): Admin
In-game name: Sikmpo12
Age: 13
Timezone(GMT format): -5
Times available: About Everyday
What makes you better for this position than others?: I am very active as most of you know, I already know how to deal with situations and I am very trustworthy. As i am active alot, i face alot of problems without Kd and other staff to help. Being Admin will help me over come these problems to help players. I have never abused my power since i have gotten them and plan not to as Admin. I am a Active member of the forums, constantly checking to see if there are anything i can improve on. I am very social and help players with many questions. I normally try to check new players from leaving, as this is difficult to do. Even though i am a moderator. There are somethings i still can't do, being Admin will help me protect the server from others wanting to do harm. KD has already known me for more than 5 months ( rough estimate) and already knows i am trustworthy, as i have been a moderator on his old server and a Admin on another friend of Kd's. I try to add new ideas and love working around others.
Helpful information specific to position(Good with Java ect.): Nothing Really
other: Nothing much to say here.

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Application: Sikmpo12
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