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 indiansfan19's Mod Applacation

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indiansfan19's Mod Applacation Empty
PostSubject: indiansfan19's Mod Applacation   indiansfan19's Mod Applacation EmptySun Jan 15, 2012 7:03 pm

Possition Applying For Mod
In-game name:indiansfan19
Timezone: GMT-5
Times available:mostly on weekends not as much during weekdays have lots of school work including Science Fair
What makes you better for this position than others?:I have some expirence I was a Mod Kyle's old server (R.I.P. kdcraft) so in other words I have expirence
Helpful information specific to position(Good with Java ect.):I know alot more now from kd about bukkit I know how to check if some1 is hacking or has had some1 hack for them
other:I am very nice and can make friends very easily I can also talk on skype which is indiansfan19.
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indiansfan19's Mod Applacation
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